21-24  october 2010 | Festival Della Creatività 2010 / Le Murate | Florence


A project by | Quiet ensemble

Sound design | Fabio Sestili

Curator | Chiara Lorenzetti


Inside the darkened room the audience is invited to enter, wait and listen.


Guests begin to approach the figures arranged in space, the shadow will begin to reveal the first appearances, in the background  stands a human figure, in the same instant in which the body is revealed to the public can be heard its hidden sounds, inaudible using only the ear, reavealing his apparent immobility.

We will be spectators of an emotional increase, visual and musical, where we’ll discover  sound universes we were probably unaware about.

So is the audience through its attention to things, that will activate and give “voice” to things, interacting with the elements  and with the other individuals in the space, stimulating the consciousness and awareness in relation to what surrounds him ..

Re-evaluation of hidden sounds in the world, present in nature and in human beings. Raising the volume of each creature / creation, in the installation is amplified the sound of the human body, from heartbeat to breathing, the sound of his stomach, based on a random drama we’ll have revealed the hidden and ignored sounds of daily life: the undetectable sound of the electricity flowing and the bulb lights up the noise of the block of ice that melts and drips onto the floor, the hamster that runs on the metal wheel or the sounds from crickets to the piece of wood inhabited by woodworm .

The intent is to create a dense and complex  sound body, which mixes, amplifief and reveals the different layers of life, now heard by the users. This awakens the awareness in humans, stimulating feeling through the musicality often hidden in an apparent stasis. The user assumes a participatory role, approaching to the creatures, reveals the soul and the existence of the elements.


Only by giving attention on things, we may finally see and hear things.